Service Collaborations

Utilizing our integrated cheminformatics and structural informatics platforms, the Eidogen-Sertanty team of chemists, biologists, software developers, and computational scientists can work with you on a collaborative basis to deliver scientific content and analysis that meets your specific needs.

Target Fishing

At Eidogen-Sertanty our broad technology platforms allow us to offer a wide variety of service collaborations, including:

  • DirectDesign de novo drug design collaborations, including:
    • ChIP-directed design of novel lead candidates with accessible synthetic routes
    • Computational docking, binding mode analysis, and activity assessment of design candidates using TIP and EVE
    • Delivery of virtual libraries of molecules meeting specified drug-likeness and predicted activity criteria, along with full synthetic pathways

Direct Design

Generate diverse ensembles of synthetically tractable ligands

ChIP Reaction Transforms

Prioritize designs based on predicted activity and selectivity

Predicted Activity and Selectivity

Visualize support for design candidates

Design Candidates

Other Service Collaborations:

  • Custom annotation of SAR and chemistry content for QSAR training sets
  • Computational protein structure determination using STRUCTFAST
  • Custom TIP structural databases or EVE projects for specific target families
  • Cross-reactive target identification via comparative binding site analyses

To inquire about DirectDesign or other service collaborations, or for any other questions please contact us.